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Herr's Snacks Review

Herr's Review

Can you say Holy Chips!?

I was given the chance by Herr's to try out some of their new flavors of Chips. I know what you're thinking 'Girl, you did not eat all of those chips yourself did you?' .. and the answer is no I did not. I had a lot of testers. I let a lot of my family members give me the verdict on the chips because they are chip lovers and I have to limit myself on what I eat although I do get to have a cheat day every once in a while. I was surprised by how odd some of the flavors sounded and while I did not pig out on all of the chips I did taste all of them and did on occasion pig out on bag or two hehe!

Herr's Ripple Kettle in Flavor Hot Sauce

Kettle Cooked Hot Sauce Potato Chips. This hot new snack features the same authentic three pepper zing of Texas Pete Hot Sauce with the added flavor kick and crunch only a kettle chip can deliver.

These were spicy, but not overly spicy to me. I can take pretty hot stuff and I like hot sauces so if you aren't into hot and spicy maybe these aren't the chips to pick up, but my family really loved them because they enjoy spicy foods.

These had such an odd taste - they do taste like seasoning almost a blend of chicken spice mixed with  a steak spice. It's not something I would pick up everyday, but my family loved it so it was a win for them they love odd flavors!

The Original BBQ - ahh my Dad's favorite. He will eat no other brand of BBQ Chips besides Herr's and I actually like Herr's BBQ chips better than other brands as well because they coat the chips more. They are perfect with Hamburgers or Hotdogs! Great for family get-together's!

The Lattice Cut are a must for those who love dipping chips! They are SO good with dip. They are crispy and the little lattice's make it so that the dip gets distributed through out and in the chip. 

Kettle Cooked Jalapeno 

Kettle cooked chips are actually a little better for you. They are more crunchier than regular chips, but I don't mind. These are hot so my Dad got these and he really enjoyed these! He loves anything hot and spicy and these were his cup of tea. 

Herr's Whole Grain Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks

These I did hog all to myself. I love pretzels and honey wheat. They taste sort of like a regular pretzel, but with a hint of a sweat taste in the bread. I've purchased these before and will continue to do so.

Herr's Honey Cheese

These taste like cheese curls, but sweet. They are actually better than I thought they would be. I don't have much of a sweet tooth so my husband and father-in-law gobbled these up, but by the crumbs that are gone out of the bag I take it as they were good!

Herr's Baked Cheddar & Sour Cream

If you've ever had Cheddar & Sour Cream chips these are actually really good. Like a lot of Herr's Chips they have more of a seasoning to them so they aren't just little flavor. They have a pack punched of flavor!

Herr's Jalapeno Poppers Flavor

These by far are my favorite out of all of the flavors! I'd never heard of the Jalapeno Poppers flavor before so I was surprised when I actually liked them. You can taste the pepper taste right when you take a bite and then afterwards is the notes of cheddar cheese. I really enjoy these and if I can find them my area will pick up some more for my cheat days!

My Impression: All in all I enjoy Herr's brand. It was fun trying out new and funky flavors as well as their old flavors as well. They coat their chips more than other brands and that is something that I really like is a chip full of flavor rather than a chip that tastes like nothing or generic. They are far from generic tasting and they have tons of different flavors and funky chips and snacks for you to try out! 

For more information on Herr's visit their website HERE


*These snacks were provided by Herr's in exchange for my honest opinion.

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