Sunday, October 28, 2012

Starlook's October Starbox 2012

Starlook's October Starbox

This months Starbox was fixated on the 'Masquerade' theme and See no evil, Speak no Evil, and Hear no Evil. Now I know where the See and Speak come into play, but I've not yet figured out the Hear part just yet. 

This Starbox came just in time for Halloween in which it came with an: Eye Tattoo set, Pigment Luster in 'g144 peddle', Eye-liner/Pencil in 'J223 Gold Dust', Lipstick in 'p142 Masquerade' and more of their cute little crystals to go along with my collection - in case you didn't know they throw the crystals in the mix of the box so you can collect them and put them in your brush holders. 

Lipstick in 'p142 Masquerade' 

This lipstick color is absolutely fabulous with it's sort of changing leaves coppery coral look.

Lipstick in sheer swipe across the lips. 

Playing around with Make-up it's darker applied across my lips. 

Next up on the top swatch we have the Pigment Luster in 'g144 peddle' and below it we have the pencil liner in 'J223 Gold Dust'. The eye pigment in 'Peddle' is duo-crome finish with the reflects of I want to say fuschia/magenta. The liner 'Gold Dust' is a vibrant shimmer gold color - very beautiful and I've not really seen anything like it. It's not the smoothest of eye pencils as it goes on more of a khol liner to me. 

Hopefully the bottom picture is more of a clearer shot of the two colors together. 

Now for the fun! The Eye Tattoos!

Girl say what? What are you talking about EYE TATTOOS!? 

Don't worry - you know those tattoos you used to get in stores out of the machine that you dabbed on with water - same concept! It was tricky to get on, but this is what it looked like the first try and I imagine if you get more than just one set then you'll have more of a perfected look, but just in case you mess up 'black liquid liner is your friend!'. I know what your thinking .. 'Where am I going to wear this out to?' A costume party, maybe a masquerade party, or just out on Halloween! I had fun wearing these for a little Halloween get together watching old school horror movies. It was just fun - sometimes we all need some fun! I added the eye pigment in 'Peddle' on the lid for more of a dramatic look. 

This was a little while of wear, but like I said those little cracks you can conceal with eyeliner. Easy fix!

This box was so much fun to play with and not only that, but Starbox has been consistent in surprising me and giving me good products that I enjoy!

I've heard big things are coming up for the holidays so if you want to gift a Starbox for someone for Christmas you need to go ahead and do it now because they sell out super FAST! 

The packaging - the quality of the products are not just great, but full-size and great pigmentation. 

Want to get your own Starbox for $15 a month? 


Get started on earning 'Star-points' to get more items from their shop! If you do decide to join Starbox make sure you let them know 'Just A Country Gal Blog' sent ya in their comments! 


*This box was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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