Sunday, October 7, 2012

NECRESSE' by Splenda Review

necresse' by Splenda Review


New NECTRESSE Sweetener tastes like sugar and is naturally zero calories per serving. How? We started with the deliciously sweet extract of monk fruit and combined it with the perfect blend of other natural sweeteners. It's 100% natural with nothing artificial. You're going to love the way it tastes.


NECTRESS Natural No Calorie Sweetener is what you’ve been searching for—100% natural, zero calories per serving and the rich, sweet taste of sugar!

Spotted at: $3.99-$6.99


My Impression: I am a die-hard Splenda fan and to know that I got a sample of nectresse' by Splenda was awesome! I love no-calorie sweeteners or artificial sweeteners better than sugar - for one little to no calories and two you use less! I received 4 packets. Two from the Influenster box and a sample pack I received I filled out for online. The coupon was nice to add as well. One thing that is different about nectresse' is that it has a fruity sweetness to it - almost borderline tangy compared to regular Splenda. It's not a bad thing, but something everyone should know before putting on just any food. I think this is lovely with tea - it gives my tea a lovely fruity taste more strong depending on how much you use. I was always the type to put sugar on everything which is BAD. So, I know the risks involved with using artificial sweeteners, but really if you look up the facts it's only when large amounts are consumed and the amounts they show you would have to consume every single day to get any harsh effects are absolute insane amounts. I'm not a doctor, but my family doctor has no problem with me using these. Especially if you are one that is pre-diabetic or diabetic in which case I am pre-diabetic and have been working-out and eating healthy for a while now and lets just say when I have sugar cravings Splenda has been a life-saver! I will have to pick up some more of nectresse' with my coupons I got because they really are quite lovely with tea and coffee. 

*I received this sample through Influenster, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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