Friday, December 7, 2012

Smiley360 Decorate it Forward from Sears

Decorate It Forward
From Smiley360 & Sears

Smiley360 let me do a mission where they gave me a $15 gift card to help with decorating my Christmas tree and for trying out Ty Pennengton's new brand at Sears. I wasn't able to make it to my local Sears so I applied my gift card online and I bought these two beautiful pieces above. I bought a leaf ornament and a 12 pack of bulbs. We have yet to decorate our Christmas tree yet because we had a death in the family and we've not felt extra 'Christmasy' this year, but I was able to enjoy myself in picking out these lovely gifts and it's all thanks to Smiley360 and Sears. Hopefully we'll get back into the Christmas spirit.


FTC: I received a giftcard using Smiley360 from Sears.


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