Monday, March 4, 2013

Arm Pocket Review + Giveaway!


ArmPocket The Ultimate Armband

Aero i-10
Strap Length: Medium
Fits arms: 10''-15'' (25cm-38cm)

  • Carry More Hands-Free

  • Touch Screen Smart-phones

  • ID, Cash, Credit Cards, and Keys

  • Energy Bars/Gels & More!

The ArmPocket is also: Water resistant, Touch control window, No-slip memory foam, Comfortable Vented Strap, Quality/Durable, Eco-Friendly, and Machine Washable. 

Eco-Friendly: Fabric made from recycled plastic (PET) fibers. Back mesh fabric and strap edges are made of natural bamboo rayon, which is moisture-wicking and also naturally resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew. For more information about Armpocket visit

About The ArmPocket

The NEW sleek and aero-dynamic armband fits phones up to 5 inches long, including the new iPhone 5.
The ideal solution when you demand an ultra-comfortable, durable, no-slip water-resistant armband to carry what you need during your longest run or toughest work-out. Great for the gym, school, shopping or traveling - anytime you need a hands-free secure carrying solution. 
Fits phones and their thin cases up to 5 inches long.
Full screen access and touch control. Multiple inside pockets.
Low profile audio-port lets you easily and securely connect your head-phones. It is located in the left side and fits most phones. 

My Impression: First of all I would like to say that this armband is the softest I've ever felt. The material does not hurt nor irritate my arm while walking, hiking, or whatever venture I take. My phone is actually pretty heavy and I love the fact that it did not slip while walking or running. I got mine in a bright 'neon' green color so that if it were late in the evening it's more noticeable - you have to be careful where I live with traffic. It being made out of recycled fabrics I cannot rave enough about great the quality is. My phone screen is touch screen and I do not have to take it out of the pouch to change a tune which is a big plus! It can hold quite a bit for the person on the go it has a pocket for your phone and two bungie pockets to put your items in also you can fit a larger item in the center if need be. It has two zippers so that I can zip it all the way across and secure my headphones and not cut them. Also, I've noticed it has a little loop on the side next to the zippers and I think it would be great to hang a key chain off of - say if you run out of room for your keys or are afraid of losing them. It's a great added bonus for that 'just in case' feature. I think Armpocket has went out of their way to please the consumers and I'm blown away by this product. I really enjoy it! 

Armpocket was also nice enough to sponsor a giveaway - so one of my lucky readers will win an armpocket of their own!



FTC: I received this product for review and for my honest opinion.


  1. I would pick the pink or purple one

  2. I'd probably choose pink!! :) girlie girl!

  3. I'd choose Black. The other ones are to flashy,wouldn't want to get mugged. LOL!! These are really cool!Thank you for the great review and giveaway! :)