Thursday, March 14, 2013

BaGGu Review


Standard BaGGu
Holds 50 lbs. Folds into a flat 5" x 5" 
pouch. 100% Ripstop nylon. Machine 
washable. 15" wide, 25" high, 6" deep.

BaGGu has many colors available mine is in the print/color: Paint Green

My Impression: I got the chance to use the BaGGu bag & I was surprised when I opened up the package and seen a little square and I was like 'Where is the bag?', but it was in the little square it was folded up into the little bag. A neat way for storage. I can fold this large bag up into a little bag which amazes me and take it with me anywhere. I'm always on the go so it's nice to have an extra bag with me. Also, our mailbox is quite a walk away and I had always been carrying all the boxes in my hands and they'd fall out everywhere all over the ground in the mud, but I decided to take my BaGGu bag out with me to the mailbox and I was able to fit all of my large boxes in it and it made it a lot easier for me which I like -anything to make things easier for me - I'm all about! I have packed it full to the brim with clothing, dvds, make-up and more to travel with and it has held it all! I really love BaGGu bags. I'm thinking about getting their 'Weekender' bag for vacations as me and my husband are going on a vacation in May. I love all of the colors and designs.

For More Information On BaGGu Visit Their Social Medias:

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FTC: I received this bag for review and my honest opinion.

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