Thursday, March 14, 2013

Olay Professionals Pro X Even Skin Tone Review

Olay ProX Even Skin-Tone Review

NEW Olay Professional Pro-X Even Skin Tone

Treat five causes of uneven skin tone to help visibly restore even color and smoother, brighter skin.

Until now, it was commonly assumed that uneven skin tone was mainly caused by pigment production or melanogenesis. Breaking ground with new genomics research, the Olay Professional Alliance demonstrates that only 7% of the gene expressions disrupted in spotted skin were directly associated with the melanogenesis pathway. Four additional molecular pathways were identified as being associated with root causes of uneven skin tone. These causes include UV exposure, lack of hydration, discoloration, weak moisture barrier and surface free radicals. To effectively address and correct the look of uneven skin tone, it is essential for products that address skin tone appearance to contain multiple ingredients that target all five of these root causes.
Introducing the new Olay Professional Pro-X Even Skin Tone regimen, a clinically tested regimen that addresses five root causes of uneven skin tone appearance to help correct the look of 4 years of dark spots in 4 weeks. Clinical testing showed the regimen is an effective alternative to the prescription gold standard 4% HQ technology for evening skin tone appearance while providing better hydration and texture appearance benefits.

Olay Professional Pro-X Even Skin Tone combines breakthrough ingredients to help restore the look of even skin tone. Each product in the regimen contains one or more of the following ingredients that help improve skin tone appearance:
  •  Phlorogine – Anti-oxidant that helps fight surface free radical damage. Also helps fade the appearance of dark spots
  •  Niacinamide – Helps to accelerate natural surface cell turnover, renewing skin’s appearance; also helps fade the appearance of dark spots
  •  NetDG – Helps maintain skin’s optimal barrier function to help the skin naturally protect itself from irritants.
  •  N-acetyl glucosamine – Hydrates to improve skin cell moisture levels and help fade the appearance of dark spots.
  •  Sepiwhite – Helps fades the appearance of dark spots and skin discoloration.

Olay ProX Moisturizer

Olay ProX Brightening Cream

Olay Spot Fading Treatment ProX

My Impression: I have been using the Olay ProX line and I absolutely am in love with it! I've used Olay products for years and they've never seemed to disappoint. My Grandmother has also used Olay for years. I remember as a child watching her put on her lotion and do her nightly routine and to this day she doesn't look her age. When given the chance to try out Olay ProX I was excited. I started first by using the 'Spot Fading Treatment, Moisturizer, and then id use the Brightening Cream'. I did this once in the morning and once at night. I don't know what is in the Brightening Cream, but when I would wake up the next morning my face would always be so soft. Even my husband noticed. The products aren't overly fragrant which is great for those who are sensitive to smell. They didn't cause me to break-out either which is also a plus! It's very rare that something does not break me out. I did notice my scaring on my face lightened up a bit so much so now that when I apply my make-up I can actually conceal the scars better. I always had scaring even though you might not be able to see it in pictures or video I would never leave my face alone which left me with little scars. I am thoroughly impressed with the Olay ProX line. It's like a miracle treatment for me! Of course I'm almost out now so I'll have to pick up some more - I hate running out of a product I love. 

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FTC: I received this product for review purposes and for my honest opinion.


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