Sunday, March 17, 2013

Affresh Cleaning Products Review + Giveaway!

Affresh Cleaning Products

"Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner"

Let your stainless steel appliances shine.

How It Works
Simply spray cleaner onto stainless steel surfaces and wipe clean.

Cleans fingerprints, smudges and residue and leaves a polished, streak-free shine.

Affresh Stainless steel cleaner and cleaning wipes effectively clean fingerprints, smudges and residue left behind from daily use.

We used the 'Stainless Steel Cleaner' on our fridge and it really made it shine and took off a lot of the smudges and grime we had. The smell of all of the products have sort of a citrus scent and smelt a lot better than other cleaning products that about knock you down. You can still slightly smell the citrus smell even days after use. 


"Affresh Cook-top Cleaner"

Mind over mess. Non-abrasive cleaner and bonus pads are proven to remove even the toughest baked-on residue. 

Tough on stuck-on food, spills and splatters.

How It Works
Safe for all glass, ceramic and porcelain cooktops, simply apply cleaner to the cooled cooktop and scrub with scrubbing pad. Wipe clean with a soft cloth or paper towel. 

For burned on food, use a razor blade to scrape up messes. 

Do not use steel wool or abrasive pads.

We used the "Affresh Cook-top Cleaner" on our stove. Our stove is cracked so don't mind the crack in it, but our stove had a lot of grime on it even though we've used other cleaners you wouldn't believe the stuff this cleaner lifted off this stove. We still have the rings around the burners, but it lifted it a lot and hopefully with a couple more uses it will completely lift off. 


"Affresh Kitchen & Appliance Cleaner"

Refrigerators, microwaves and mixers, oh my! No need for numerous cleaners - keep all of your appliances clean with just one. This one.

How It Works
Specially formulated to cut through residue and leave a streak-free finish. Feel free to use Affresh Kitchen & appliance cleaner on your kitchen appliances, inside the microwave or refrigerator and even on your counter tops. 

And unlike most bleach-based cleaners, you won't have to pull double-duty and wipe down or rinse surfaces after use.

We used this on our microwave, coffee pots, and counter tops and it really cleans well! A little bit went a long way and I didn't have to scrub really hard to get up all of the little messes or stains that had been there for a while which was amazing!


"Affresh Washer Cleaner" 

Cleans better than bleach. Yeah, that's right. 

Give odor, mold and mildew a swift kick with just one tablet, once a month. 

How It Works
The specially formulated tablets are designed to penetrate, dissolve and remove odor-causing residue throughout the entire wash cycle.

1. Empty your washer.
2. Place one tablet of Affresh Washer cleaner directly in the washer tub - not in the dispenser.
3. Run the washer on a clean washer cycle or a normal cycle with a hot water setting.
4. Simply wipe away any residue that may be left behind after the cycle ends.
5. Throw away whatever cleaners you were using before.

*For washers with a "Clean Washer" cycle, add one tablet to the washer and run the cycle. 

*For machines where odor is present, run 3 wash cycles consecutively using 1 tablet in each cycle. 

Septic tank safe and washer safe.

I used this in my Mom's washer because her washer needed a serious overhaul cleaning. She always complains about how the washer would sometimes get build-up from the laundry detergents she would use. So we followed the directions and put one of these in and it made her washer clean! I wish I had snapped a picture, but we were tired from cleaning. It does really clean better than bleach. I hate bleach - the smell of bleach gives me a headache every time I use it and the whole Affresh line that I've tried does not have a horrible strong smell at all. 


"Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner"

How It Works
1. Place tablet in detergent tray and run your dishwasher through a normal wash cycle. If significant residue build-up is noticeable, you can place a second tablet in the bottom of the dishwasher.

2. Go relax.

3. When cycle is finished, marvel at the freshness. 

Be sure to consult your dishwasher Use & Care Guide.

Whirlpool Corporation recommends cleaning your dishwasher monthly or as needed for cleaner, fresher appliances. Affresh Dishwasher cleaner can also help ensure optimal performance of your appliance and reduce mineral deposits that can build up over time.

We put this in our dishwasher even though it's fairly new it has that 'new' odd smell and not the great smell like the smell of a new car. It's a plastic almost chemical smell. So, we used this to see if it would rid the horrible smell and it did completely. We have Well Water and it can wreak a lot of havoc on your dishwasher and washer in general so to have something that will strip away the horrible grime and residue it leaves on our appliances is great!


The last thing I got to try I believe is new to their line and it was the "Affresh Produce Preserver" and you place it in your fridge to help keep your foods fresh  by 3-5 more days and each pack you pick up can be bought every 6 months! So, you've got a great long use out of it and a little tab on top that tells you when you need to repurchase which I think is great. I've noticed that our food hasn't gone bad yet and we keep a lot of vegetables in our fridge and they usually always ruin before we get to cook them and that is a lot of money wasted! This will actually save you money by lengthening the life of your fruits or vegetables! 



For more information on affresh visit their website:

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*These products were sent to me as apart of a review for Affresh, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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