Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Barefruit Cinnamon Apples Snack Review + Giveaway!

Barefruit Cinnamon Apples Snack Review

About Barefruit

Bare Fruit is Fruit Undressed...
The fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit.

Bare Fruit is Delicious...
First and foremost, Bare Fruit Apple Chips and Fruit Chunks are Delicious. This is important because, let’s face it, if a snack does not taste great, you aren’t going to eat it.

Bare Fruit is Healthy...
Imagine a great tasting snack that is healthy too…Perfection! There are really several types of snacks on the market. Some are great tasting (potato chips really do taste good. But they aren’t good for you.) Some snacks are “better-for-you” (think of granola bars). But there are very few “good-for-you” snacks out there. An apple chip, baked (not fried or freeze-dried) tastes great while still being good-for-you in every way.
Our exclusive process bakes the chip in a way that the natural sugars caramelize on the outside. This provides a sweet and tart flavor combination without adding sugars or flavors. In some of our products we add organic cinnamon and other natural flavors to provide a variety to our customers.

Bare Fruit is Good for the Environment...
At Bare Fruit we focus a lot of our energy on not using energy. And, by 2013, we will be 100% carbon neutral. You can be proud that the snack your eating was farmed in a socially responsible way.

Bare Fruit is sourced in the United States...
Which is important for several reasons. US grown apples, pears, and other fruits have a quality advantage over those grown elsewhere. For example, the climate in the Pacific Northwest is perfect for growing the sweetest apples in the world. Also, by keeping things close to home, we reduce carbon emissions and support the US economy. We control the process from our Organic Orchards through our exclusive Bake-Dried processing, we use no additional preservatives or chemicals ensuring that you are giving your family the very best.

My Impression: Me & my husband both LOVE these snacks! I had first heard about Barefruit in the 'In Love With Food' box and they let me try out a full bag which is much appreciated. They are a little harder than regular dehydrated apples, but they taste fantastic. They have a hint of a cinnamon taste to them thus their name. I love finding apple chips in stores, but I rarely ever see them. I have them up on a shelf in our house and I'll see my husband sneak in and get a handful everyday .. I won't be surprised if I open up the bag and they are all gone. Haha! These are a much healthier alternative as a snack compared to other foods. I can't wait to try their other flavors. If you see these out and you love apple chips definitely give them a try!


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FTC: I received this product as apart of a review and my honest opinion.

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