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Smashbox Spring Collection 2013 Review

Smashbox Spring Collection 2013 Review

Smashbox Halo Blush: 

This blush is very beautiful - HIGHLY pigmented! I applied it with a heavier hand in this picture. You can apply it either light or darker which ever you prefer. So far they have four shades 'Peachy Dream, Blissful, Warm Glow, and In Bloom'. The color I am wearing is in 'In Bloom'. Valued at $24 at Smashbox 

Although pricey, I'm sure this color will last me a very long time as you only need to use it sparingly and it lasts for such a long time that you need not reapply. I cannot wait to pick up the Peachy Dream! 

Smashbox Eye Shadow Pencil: 

Right side swatch in color 'Metallic Marble' 

These waterproof shades come in six gorgeous shades 'Luminous Fig, Shimmering Ivy, Charcoal, Metallic Marble, Chrome, and Lapis'. When they say water-proof they mean it! When I applied this to my hand for a swatch when it set it would not budge no matter how hard I rubbed. It was very pigmented, but easily to blend out. Great on it's own or great as a base. I'm always on the go so these are perfect for me to throw on and run out the door. I'm wearing Metallic Marble as a base for my silver and the Metallic Marble goes up into the crease line. Price $22

Smashbox Reflection High Shine Lipgloss $19:

These lip glosses come in six shades 'Star, Buff, Candy, Watermelon, Va Va Violet, and Firecracker'. The color pictured is I believe Va Va Violet. The name of the color is on the box and not on the lip-gloss itself which is a fail for me personally, but the gloss itself to me is a beautiful color, beautiful shine, but I have found drug store glosses that are just as great - if I had to go with a new Smashbox gloss I would go with the 'Love Me' collection as they are very gorgeous as well and from the colors down to the packaging are beautiful. Not sticky at all. 

Smashbox Blush Rush: 

The Blush Rush's are very gorgeous blush colors coming in eight shades 'Radiance, Flush, Paradise, Chiffon, Heartbreak, Bare, Gingersnap, and Passion'. The color pictured above is in the color Paradise. Blush Rush from Smashbox has one quite a few years of the Allure Beauty Awards and I always pay close attention in voting for the Allure Awards as well as being an Allure Insider. I am very fond of this Blush and it's color as it comes off as a pinky/coral perfect for all skin tones. It has a hint of shimmer in it, but not disco ball madness on your face it has no flecks of glitter - just a youthful glowy sheen. Priced at $24

Smashbox Mega Tint Long Wearing Lipstick: 

Color to the left in Mimosa.

This long wearing lip-stick mega-tint comes in six shades 'Mimosa, Nude, Mulberry, Punch, Cerise, and Whirl'. All beautiful colors. This mega-tint lip gloss I received in Mimosa comes off as a beautiful vibrant peach color perfect for both Spring and Summer and great for all skin tones especially deeper skin tones. The Mega tint goes on with a sheen, but maybe lacking a bit of moisture which I assume is the case because it is a long lasting lip color meant to last for hours in which it did successfully, but it did have that drying effect in which I had to apply a gloss over top - non the less like all long lasting lip wear they all seem to have a drying effect I have not found one that does not cause this, but I do enjoy the sheen it gives for it's period of time before having to apply gloss. I recommend if you don't want to apply a gloss to apply a lip moisturizer such as nivea or your favorite lip-balm before applying - it may not give a longer lasting color, but will help you with the dryness, but the colors themselves are so gorgeous they are great paired with a clear gloss to showcase the color. Price comes in at $20

Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio: 

These gorgeous Trio's come in sixteen shades 'Hyperfocal, Light speed, Aperture, Develop, Telephoto, Multi-Flash, Auto Expose, Cover Shoot, Dark Room, Filter, Focal Point, Headshot, Megapixel, Quick Take, Screen Shot, and Shutterspeed'. The trio above is the palette Hyperfocal. Such pigmented colors! Especially Obsidian the darker dusky navy/purple - the other two colors paired with the pallete were greatly placed the colors are Mist the lightest, and Rose the mid-tone color. All together a gorgeous palette for any eye color, but it doesn't stop there since they carry many colors you can mix and match with any of the palettes they have. This palette though was just perfect for me as purples/pinks usually go great with Hazel and Green eyes. I have Hazel eyes so this palette really helps in making my eyes pop which to me is the feature I want to bring out most.The color Mist is a little bit on the chalky side, but not bad at all - it doesn't transfer to chalky on the lid. The shadows feel creamy - they are not a cream shadow, but give off that satin/cream feel. They are easily blended and beautiful. I would definitely go for more! Price is at $28

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FTC: I received these products through Smashbox in return for my honest opinion and review.

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