Saturday, June 29, 2013

National Safety Month With MasterLock!

National Safety Month With MasterLock!

Product Features:

  • Wall mount key safe

  • Holds up to 5 keys for house or car in a convenient location for regular use

  • Wall mount design for permanent installation

  • Set-your-own 4-digit combination for keyless convenience and increased security

  • 3-1/4" (83mm) wide durable metal construction

Shutter door protects combination dials from weather, dirt and grime

Did you know that June was National Safety Month? Well, I didn't. I remember back when I was a little girl in our neighborhood we used to be able to leave the locks unlocked, but with today's crimes on the rise we just can't. Summer time is one of the most prone times for break-ins. One thing that is priceless is a peace of mind that's why I was thrilled when MasterLock wanted to work with me this month on one of their most unique designed lock boxes. It's a mounted lock box for storing away keys, cash or whatever you have in mind that needs kept safe. It has a little vault box display and a protective black slide that you can slide down with a numeric lock so that you can set your own passcode to open it. The lock box is very sturdy and what I like about it is that you can store it around your home where only you, a family member, or whoever you wish to know where the box is - can know. The lock design is called: 5401D

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FTC: This product was sent to me in consideration for my opinion and review. 

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