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Marquisette Swaddling Blanket by SwaddleDesigns

Marquisette Swaddling Blanket by SwaddleDesigns

Photo Credit: SwaddleDesigns

SwaddleDesigns - Marquisette Swaddling Blanket - Safari Fun - SeaCrystal


Cute Giraffe and Elephant Design!

  • Lightweight, Breathable, Pre-washed, Open Weave, Baby Soft Cotton Swaddling Blanket

  • SwaddleDesigns 100% Cotton Marquisette (Mar-kwiss-et) has wonderful quality due to long and smooth cotton fibers

  • Ideal for warmer climates and environments

  • Easy to follow swaddling instructions sewn on the blanket

  • Multi-use and versatile - sunshield, playmat for tummy time, privacy throw for breastfeeding

  • Designed by Lynette Damir

  • 46 by 46 inches

  • Award Winner

  • Great Gift

Cotton Marquisette (Mar-kwiss-et) is similar to gauze but much softer due to finer threads and higher thread count. Large and square (46" x 46"), perfect for swaddling - and many more uses! Wonderful sunshield on the stroller on a warm summer day.

Very lightweight, openweave, made from ultra soft, 100% cotton

123 Swaddle instructions are sewn to the edge of each blanket

Wonderful option for warmer climates 

Great gift for new parents!

My Impression: I really love this SwaddleDesigns Blanket. It's very versatile in the fact that it's made for swaddling, but you can also use it as a regular blanket or a throw for breast-feeding which I find is lovely because you get the modesty if you wish. I love the little designs on the outside of the giraffe and the elephant - they are too cute. I cannot wait to see the sweet little boy that gets to be swaddled up in this soft beauty. It's truly such a soft and light-weight blanket.. so best used indoors at bedtime and the Summer. Don't get me wrong you can also use this in the Fall - just make sure your baby is well bundled :) I love SwaddleDesigns variety of blankets, clothing, towels, and more! They just have a ton of cute items on their website for your little bundle of joys! If you are wondering why a Swaddle? Women have swaddled their babies for a long time - the swaddling mimics the arms holding the baby so that when the baby is placed in their crib or sleeping place they can feel safe and secure as if they are in their Mother's arms therefore getting a better nap. Also, when the baby is in a swaddle they are less likely to scratch their faces as their arms are tucked away into the Swaddle. Also stars like Ben Affleck, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Heche, and Brad & Angelina have been spotted with Swaddle Designs for their babies & you know what they say about movie stars - Nothing, but the best!

How To Swaddle?

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FTC: I was sent this item for free in return for my honest opinion and review. All my thoughts and opinions are my OWN. Being sent the product does not change the fact that I am honest in my reviews.

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