Friday, October 11, 2013

mPULSE GO Speaker Review

mPULSE GO Speaker Review

mPULSE ™ GO Delivers hi-def stereo sound in a sleek little package, so you can amp up your world absolutely anywhere. Stunning design with great sound and battery life. This Bluetooth speaker  is a must have for any serious music listener.

  • Bluetooth Stereo Speaker
  •  Up to 10 hours of playtime

  • DSP- Echo Cancellation – A2DP – HSP
  • Listen to your favorite music and make calls directly from this mPULSE ™ GO Speaker

  • 6W Sound to amplify a backyard party or just a living room decoration with the convenience to    listen to your favorite tunes.

  • 3.5mm Input for non-Bluetooth devices

  • Sleek Simple Design – Flat Grill

  • Available in different colors

My Impression: I have to say I've seen tons of commercials for the new Dr. Dre Beats Pill - so much so that I was sick of the idea of a portable speaker until I got my hands on the mPULSE GO. I guess my initial thought would be that it would be too loud and the bass would over-power the musicians singing, but I was so wrong! The mPULSE GO is one of the most greatest inventions and has been the most handiest gadget I've gotten to test to date. It's bluetooth so I synced it up to my phone without issues and oh my goodness did the sound well SOUND amazing! When sat on a flat surface the sound is so crisp and the volume can be turned up very loud which I like because maybe from all the teenage angst years of me reverting to loud rock-n-roll music blaring into my ear-drums I'm actually going deaf in certain parts of my ears which is a whole other issue. I found that when the mPULSE GO wasn't stable on a table or say on a bed then you got a little bit of vibration from the bass which I can't stand - so if you buy it make sure to steady it unless you like that shattered sound. When it's stable it's near perfect sound to me. I love the fact that it has an auxiliary cable with it so that I can hook it up to my computer. For some reason when I bought my computer the sound on it is TERRIBLE so I thought why not try the mPULSE GO on it and it brought out the sound and kicked it up beautifully. I could finally hear the music and movies playing in crisp stereo sound. The charge lasted me for about a week I would say before having to recharge, but that wasn't with major heavy usage, but more than 5 long movies of usage I would say and then some. The material has that rubberized feel which is nice and sleek. The bottom of the mPULSE GO also has an rubberized grip that prevents the device from slipping or sliding which is a plus. The price retails at around $79.99 which is an amazing price! I think if you are in the market for a bluetooth speaker or a speaker with an auxiliary that's portable or plugin this is your device. I highly recommend!

For More Information: Head on over to mWORKS products SOCIAL MEDIAS below and check out their other products! 


FTC: I was sent this device for free in return for my honest opinion and review. All my thoughts and opinions are my OWN. Being sent the product does not change the fact that I am honest in my reviews.

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