Monday, February 17, 2014



For women looking to achieve a chic look in half the time, Air Curler is a revolutionary new styling tool that creates luscious curls in seconds.

·         Ideal for most hair lengths and textures, Air Curler is a blow dryer and curling iron in one that replaces the need for multiple styling tools. 

·         Simply connect it to any standard hair dryer, place damp hair in Air Curler’s chamber and move it up and down and style-dry your hair!  In just seconds, the spinning vortex creates voluminous and beautiful curls.

My Impression: I got the AIR CURLER in for review and I have very short thin hair and my mom has very thick full hair so I decided to use her for the tester. So first I flat ironed her hair because she has insanely curler hair and it took me and 1 hour to flat iron her hair. The Air Curler is pretty easy to put together I followed the instructions fairly easy and attached it to my dryer. I began spinning my Mommy's hair into a vortex and at first 'nata' 'nothing'! Then, I decided I should let it turn the pink nozzle to the side a bit and hold it a bit longer of a time and it worked A LOT better. I did have to co in and put some serum on the ends because with holding the dryer on the hair for that long of a time I think it does damage the hair so I wouldn't recommend it all of the time. I think curling your hair is more practical, but if this is a look you just have to have then go for it! Whatever floats your boat! I also for a trick to a bit of hair spray and sprayed the ends and curled them around a pen I had and then blow dried around the pen to try and curl them a bit more because the Air Curler doesn't really curl the ends well. It was still a pretty look though. 


FTC: I received this products and or products for free or was compensated in return for my honest opinion and review.

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  1. omg I got this and it was another package, but it was total crap LOL