Tuesday, February 18, 2014



The Chillow is a portable pillow insert that provides instant personal cooling relief, perfect for keeping cool while sleeping during those hot summer nights.

·         While regular pillows trap heat, Chillow absorbs the heat that radiates from the body and releases it into the air.

·         Chillow is activated by adding water to its inner chamber (a cup of water may need to be added monthly depending on climate). It can be customized to four different cooling comfort levels to satisfy personal needs. Once its temperature is set, it stays at that level and provides cooling relief for hours.

My Impression: I've been using the Chillow for a about a month and a half and I have to say for say for someone who suffers from frequent night sweats - YES, even in the Winter.. I was desperately seeking help for this problem - putting ice packs on and off my neck for brief relief. The Chillow funny enough is an similar concept. The Chillow is a cooling pad that continually circulates water to absorb and release body heat. It has a little seal as you can see in the picture above so you can see that you do not get wet because you do have to put a little bit of water into the pillow to create the CHILLOW! It was a little odd laying on this at first because I wasn't used to the cold against my neck and face. It felt so good, but it was also keeping me awake for a while, but then I got used to it and drifted right off. I put my Chillow under my pillow sheet because I don't like the feeling of the plastic or the texture of velvet so if I had to change anything it would be the texture of the product, but I guess it has to be that texture in order to have any effect at all so if that's the case than I wouldn't change anything. 


FTC: I received this products and or products for free or was compensated in return for my honest opinion and review.

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