Thursday, April 23, 2015

What's New With Olay 2015

What's New With Olay 2015

NEW ProX by Olay Nightly Purifying Micro-Peel ($40)

Created to tighten and renew skin nightly, this product increases skin firmness after 2 nights of use.

Key ingredients: Contains glycolic acid, lactic acid and citric acid to gently strip away dull surface layers in a one-step product

I use both the Olay Purifying Micro Peel in combination with my Luminous Over Night Mask. The Micro peel I'm not going to lie it burns when you first put it on, but after a few minutes the burn goes away. I didn't experience any dryness or peeling, but that could be because I used the Luminous Over Night Mask in combination with the Micro Peel. I do feel like it shed the dead skin I did have on my face leaving for a softer finish. 


NEW Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Mask ($26)

This gel treatment absorbs into the surface of skin working throughout the night to replenish moisture and even tone at the surface cell level.

Key ingredients: Contains niacinamide to help reverse past skin damage and mulberry root extract to reduce the appearance of skin discoloration

I used the Over Night Mask in combination with the Olay Micro Peel and I have to say together it's been pretty amazing. I don't use the Micro Peel every night, but I do use the Over Night Mask every night. It's a gel finish so it's very cooling on the skin and soothes which is much needed after using the Micro Peel. Like I said it has that gel texture, but it almost has an elastic feel to it you know like it's meant to be like a mask. So since it has that elastic like texture I feel like it keeps and locks moisture into your skin so that when you wash it off your face still feels moisturized. I've noticed a big difference in my skin. I mean my skin is clearer than it's ever been. I do get those occasional break-outs during that time of the month, but other than that I get asked all the time now about how I get my face so clear. The softness is unreal. I make my Mom feel my face all the time and she can't believe how soft it's gotten and more importantly my husband noticed. 

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FTC: I was sent these products by Olay for free in consideration for my honest opinion and review.

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