Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Relia Brand ADIRI BPA Free Baby Bottles

Relia Brand Adiri BPA Free Baby Bottles

Relia Brand adiri NxGEN Nurser Bottles (Slow Flow) (Newborn) (0-18 Mo.)

The Adiri NxGEN Nursers was designed with the logic of a baby bottle having pure flow, ease of operation and cleaning, and to support breast to bottle transition. It's bottom vented one-way Petal valve offers consistent air flow reducing the possibility of colic. 

Breast-like Nipple shape
Provides a more natural latch to reduce nipple confusion

  • Disassembles For Easy Clean
  • Top-rack For Easy Clean
  • Bottom Vented One-way Petal Valve
  • Warming Disk Included

The adiri MD+

The easy & accurate way to give medicine to your baby while masking the taste!
The Adiri MD+ Nurser takes the stress out of giving medicine to your baby. You control the dose while your baby feeds naturally. The Adiri MD+ Nurser can be used with what your baby likes to drink, so it fits into the baby's normal routine. 

  • Dual-chamber Nipple
  • Ensures the Right & Accurate Amount of Medicine has been Delivered
  • Easy to Use & Read Measurements
  • Bottom Vented One-way Valve
  • Medicine Syringe Included
These bottles have been life-savers! We've been using all of them with all of our little ones. They took to them like they would a real nipple. The nipples on the bottles are very life like and flexible and soft. The bottles don't look like normal bottles. They aren't boring and come in cute colors. I really love the bottom vented one-way valve to prevent colic. We've not experienced colic since using the Adiri's. The best of all is the cleaning experience is so much faster. I can twist off the bottom caps and clean the inside of the bottles so they aren't plagued with a horrid smell like typical bottles do. Even though you clean and clean sometimes you just can't help, but smell the smell of the milk. With the Adiri bottles you experience no horrid smells left over and they are perfectly clean. I love the warming disc it's come in so handy to keep our bottles warm. What I'm really impressed with though is the Adiri MD+. It has a medicine syringe that is placed into the bottle after you put your medication in and you can fill it up with whatever drink your child prefers we just use juice on our older child and they never complain of the awful taste of medicine. These bottles are amazing! I would definitely recommend for NEW Mom's and regular Mommies who are in need of new bottles! 

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FTC: I was sent the Adiri 3 set of bottles in exchange for my honest opinion and review.


  1. I need some these for chloe. They are really different looking. Ive never seen these before.

  2. I need some these for chloe. They are really different looking. Ive never seen these before.