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Goode' Subscription Box Review + Giveaway!

Goode' Subscription Box Review

Goodebox is a monthly subscription box that provides curated healthy beauty products, non-toxic and natural cosmetics, personal care products, and health and wellness products. Subscribers can set up their personal profile, that outlines their age, skin type, hair type and other personal preferences. Boxes can also be tailored for men or teens.

The Cost Of The Boxes:
  • $18/month
  • $19/bimonthly
  • $102/6 months
  • $192/annual subscription

Shipping: Goodebox ships to the US only.

Within each box are individual product cards that provide information about the ingredients, formula and company behind the product that you will sample. Additionally, one card provides coupon codes so that you can purchase full size products at a discount, if you so choose.


What came in the box?

The Mullein and Sparrow Cheek and Lip Tint is packaged so cute in it's little tin. I opened it up and dug in to try. I tried it on my cheeks, but it didn't give off much color. I much prefer it as a Lip Tint. It went on smooth and made my lips feel very moisturized. 

I've always battled with Cellulite and this cream was something I really was excited to try. I've been using it and I noticed that when I put it on it made a tightening effect to my skin. I'm not sure yet if it helps rid you of cellulite because I don't think anything will do this, but it definitely made my skin look more firm and tighter. 

I've heard this is a multi-purpose balm. It can be used for cleanser, a lip balm, a cuticle fixer-upper, and more! It's known for it's anti-inflammatory properties to help fight acne, eczema, help with scarring, sebum balancing, cell regenerating, and skin-toning. I've used it under my eyes as an eye cream, on my elbows, and on my cuticles. It works really well. It smells amazing too. It made my skin feel very soft and my elbows used to hurt really bad due to dryness and I've tried everything. This balm really works on cracked skin!

I've been out in the sun and in the tanning bed I'm ashamed to admit because it's bad for you, but as a pale person I burn so easily. I've always just used Aloe gel, but it never really eased the pain. It just pulled out the burn and well in return made me sting! The CV Skinlabs Rescue and Relief Spray helped my burns on my back and shoulders. It was more soothing to my skin. It was cool when sprayed and the cooling sensation stayed on my skin long after spraying. It really helped with my sun & uv burns. 

I've never heard of a deodorant in a jar before, but I thought it might be something to try anyway. I've always had issues with deodorant. I've always had to wear mens, but in a unisex scent. The Piperwai Natural Deodorant has a fresh scent, but I thought how can this work? All other deodorants have failed me besides the men's deodorant. So I tried it anyway and rubbed it on my underarms which is one draw back...who wants to rub it on their underarms? Ew. Anyway, I tried it and it for sure kept my underarms dry, but it made them a little too dry. I kind of chaffed by the end of the day which disappointed me. 


What was in my box?

I like a SPF that is free of ingredients that's not in my best interest. This is a tinted sunscreen which evens out the skin tone, but doesn't give you much coverage at all. I wouldn't use it as a foundation replacement. I would thought use it as a primer before I put on my foundation which is exactly what I did. You can always use more SPF in your products to protect you from the sun. It leaves you with a dewy finish but, I feel as though it's really moisturizing the skin thus the dewy finish. It can always be made matte by a powder foundation or regular foundation.

I really like the Modern Minerals Shadow in Libra. I've never tried anything from the brand before. The color is a super shimmery brown bronze. It gives a nice shimmery glow to the eye lids. It packs on color well with out being streaky. The shadows were soft and not clumpy which I hate in a pot sample, but the original product comes in a pot as well, but now knowing I like the product I might as well pick up some more of the other eyeshadows.

This razor handle is made with recycled yogurt cups, and is BPA free. I find that to be so interesting. I love companies the recycle and to turn it into a razor well that's just amazing. I took the clip off the top and began shaving. I felt as though the razor did a pretty good job during the first two uses, but after that it began to get a little dull. It still works it's just not as effective at getting a fully clean shave on the legs. I would repurchase these razors. I'm so giddy that they included an extra blade in this box. That's so kind because some companies just give you one of something. To have a back-up blade means the world in choosing a good service and Goode' is impressing me.

This lip balm is made with all natural and organic ingredients. This lip balm reminds me a whole lot of Burt's Bee's lip balm. It has that tingly feel. It goes on gliding and leaves your lips feeling moisturized. I do feel like it works, but I don't see the difference in this lip balm and another. I would gravitate toward this product as to Burt's Bees because it's cheaper, but to me it's just a lip balm. It does it's job. It moisturizes and keeps the lips soft. 


What did I get in my box?

You know when you dye your hair and afterwards you use the conditioner that makes your hair feel so soft afterwards. That is how this conditioner makes your hair feel. It makes it feel brand new. I love that it has CoQ10 in it because it's very good for your body so it has to be good for your hair.

This cleanser I believe will be my next holy grail cleanser. It gets rid of all of my make-up fast and it doesn't hurt my eyes too badly. I can clean all around my eyes without much discomfort. The cleanser is very light. I wish that the pump would pump out more product so you don't have to keep pushing down the nozzle to get the product out. Still, I'm in love with this cleanser. It works so well with my clarisonic. It doesn't foam up too much either. 

Juice beauty oh how I love your products. I had always tried their skincare, but never their make-up line so when I seen this eyeliner I was thrilled. It's so pigmented and glides on like butter. That's what I like. It stayed in my waterline for a while too. Not an overly amount of time, but at least a good 5-6 hours which is a change for me. Most of them smear off within the hour of putting it on. I'm thinking I need to try more of the Juice Beauty Make-up Line. 

There is nothing like Eucalyptus to wake you up in the morning. This is definitely a morning body wash because the smell is so invigorating that I believe it would keep you up before you go to bed. It lathers well and suds up. I like the mixture of Eucalyptus and Peppermint together. It made my skin smell good though. I have to say the scent lasted a while. I couldn't tell a difference in whether or not it made my skin softer, but the smell is so good.

Who doesn't need a hair tie? Almost every week I'm hunting for a hair tie, my Mom's hunting for a hair tie, and everyone is looking for a hair tie! Now I have three and I'm holding on to these for dear life in hopes that I don't lose them. They are so pretty with their chevron and lacy prints. They are not as hard as old fashioned hair ties, but they do have a hardness to them compared to a twistband. They feel like they were made of sturdier material. Anyway, they get the job done!

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