Wednesday, August 10, 2016

MunchPak Subscription Service Review

MunchPak Subscription Service

 MunckPak Mini ($9.95/month)
Original MunchPak ($19.95/month)
 Family MunchPak ($39.95/month)
Ships To: Worldwide. Additional shipping charges may apply outside of the US.
Coupon Code: “SNACKIN” to save $2 off your first MunchPak.

I received the MunchPak Mini with the Big Bar, Bamba, Pejoy, Hi-Chew, Chiky, and Miu-bon. It was so fun trying all of these goodies from all over the world. We can get things like Pocky and Happy Fun Kitchen items in our local FYE, but that's about as far as around the world as we get here in Ky. I was so excited to open up the package and to see all of these treats. What treats were in the box. 

These incredible Glico pocky biscuit stick creations are so good they are filled on the inside with delectably rich chocolate cream filling. From Japan

Delicious Hi-Chew Fruit Chews Flavors include Stawberry, Grape, Mango, Green Apple and Melon. From Japan

Take Ferrero Rocher, mold it into the slim crunchy form of a Kit Kat, and add the more-or-less hazelnut flavor of Nutella, and you've got MuiBon Avellana. From Mexico

These delicious and crunchy, wholesome vanilla cookies make for a great snack anytime of the day! From Costa Rica

This crunchy version of the Osem Bamba is the incredible strawberry flavor. Super tasty and an awesome texture means you cannot go wrong with this as your snack of choice. From Israel

Big Bar:
This delightful chocolate bar is made from only the finest quality unsweetened chocolate, deliciously creamy whole milk powder and rich and dark cocoa powder to give this candy bar a taste that fits the name! From Japan

I loved every one of the treats in this bag. The first item I tried was the Big Bar from Japan. The outer layer was chocolate and the inside was a crunchier chocolate that melted in your mouth. It was delicious. The Mui-bon was crunchy with nuts and chocolate in the middle. The bamba reminds me of cereal. The Chiky was like a normal vanilla cookie to me.The Pejoy tastes just like regular Pocky which is good any day of the week with it's crunchy outer layer with melty chocolate in the middle, and the Hi-Chew is a fruit chew. It tastes and is the texture of bubble gum, but I'm afraid to eat because if it is bubble gum. You may be able to just eat it, but I'm afraid to. I think this is a fun subscription service to get if you are into something new and surprises. It's fun to get something from all over the world.

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FTC: I was sent some items from Munchpak in return for my honest opinion and review.

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