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BoCandy Subscription Service Review

BoCandy Subscription Service

 BoCandy is a a monthly candy subscription sending 7-10 different types of candy from around the world straight to your door! I'm really impressed with BoCandy. I mean who doesn't love candy. I love getting treats from all over the world. If you love getting surprises then $15 a month on a decent amount of food then check out BoCandy. I mean most of these candies would cost you double in the US so this box is a really good deal.

Price: $15 a month

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Kanjers Extra Large Stroopwafels
Two delicious crispy wafers each filled with rich butter caramel syrup. Enjoy with coffee for a perfect afternoon snack.

These are so good I wish I had them everyday for a snack! They were crispy, but with a gooey buttery caramel mixed together inside. I can't get over how much I loved these. I want more! Stat! They are definitely addictive!

Country of Origin: Netherlands


Twiglets are a savory snack and an 80 year old British Institution. They have truly stood the test of time. Jacobs Twiglets have been an important part of British life for every major occasion from birthday parties to Christmas.

Twiglets are whole-wheat crunchy knobbly sticks made to look like twigs. They have a sticky Marmite flavor coating on them which gives them the zesty and zingy taste. Jacobs Twiglets don't feel greasy like crisps do. Twiglets are marketed as a more "healthy" snack because they are baked rather than fried.

Open up a Twiglets bag and enjoy the rich wheaty and savory smell! Twiglets are great as dips and are an alternative to bread sticks or carrot sticks. They are delicious when dipped in cream cheese. A unique way of using Twiglets is as topping on the mashed potato on shepherd's pie just crumble some Twiglets and mix with grated cheese ­and your crunchy topping is ready!

These claim to be really great, but I wasn't really a fan of these. They are good, but they have a really awful after taste. Not my forte'.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

CandyLand Dib Dab

A lusciously smooth liquorice stick with sherbet powder scooped straight from Fizzington Falls - like Niagara Falls, only sweeter. 

The Stupendous Sherbet Fountain of Youth disappeared after the Great Worldwobble of 1822. It bounced off somewhere and now no one can find it. But don’t worry, it’ll turn up sooner or later.  .

Who did't love Fun Dip well this is kind of like fun dip. It was very good. It tastes like strawberry's with a tart fizzy taste with the powder.

Country of Origin: England

Japanese Kit Kat

Green Tea Kit-Kats have quickly become the most sought after snack coming from Japan. Here are a limited supply of Maccha flavored Kit-Kats that you wont want to miss. These epic snacks have a sweet maccha flavor mixed with creamy white chocolate, on a crispy wafer that Nestle's has perfected.

These were so delicious. I've seen these everywhere except where I live of course it's from Japan, but none the less I've seen tons of people raving about the Green Tea Kit Kats and finally I got to try them! They were so good. They tasted almost like white chocolate on a Kit Kat, but they were much more creamier to the taste and the insides were crunchy, but overall a soft crunchy treat.

Country of Origin: Japan

Rowntree's Fruit Gums

Rowntree’s fruit gums are chew candies are made with real fruit juice and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Each roll features five different flavors: strawberry, lemon, lime, blackcurrant, and orange.

These were pretty good. They were very chewy and the tastes of the flavors were very good. I loved carrying these with me on doctors appointments when I got hungry Id eat one of these to satisfy me. I love the strawberry the most. The lime, blackcurrant, and orange were very tart, but I like that.


Milkita is a milky chew candy that comes in flavors like strawberry, milk, and melon. These candies do actually contain 38% milk. You can suck on them like a hard candy or chew them like a Tootsie roll.

These are really good. I love that they are so milky and creamy. I got the flavor in Melon and it had a little bit of a sour twist.

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Mini OREO Chocolate Bar

Another familiar name, the Oreo chocolate bar is a small cookie bar with hints of bittersweet chocolate. They also come in strawberry, peppermint, white chocolate, and macadamia flavors.

I so wish they had these in the US. They are so delicious! I love the strawberry flavor in the bar. It was crunchy, but good. It reminded me of a strawberry cereal I tried a while back only if it were covered in chocolate. Very good!

Country of Origin: Japan

FTC: I was sent a BoCandy box in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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