Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Advanta Supplements Teeth Whitening Kit + Giveaway!

Advanta Supplements Teeth Whitening Kit

FREE TEETH WHITENING REFILLS FOR LIFE -Never buy another kit or waste money on gel! With your purchase you'll gain access to a private, 'members only' access club where you can order as much whitening refill gel as you want, for FREE!
WHITE TEETH OR YOUR MONEY BACK!! -If our ultra-strong whitening kit (with NO cheap pieces or make-you-pay-for-refills-to-keep-our-profits-high) isn't the BEST whitening kit you've ever used...We'll give you ALL your money back! It's that simple
STRONGEST & FASTEST RESULTS -Our powerful whitening kit is the easy and safe way to get your teeth white! Stop wasting money on expensive dentist visits or cheap products that don't work, make your smile its whitest best for the rest of your life!
GET YOUR SMILE & CONFIDENCE BACK! -You won't find a teeth whitening kit with better proven whitening benefits anywhere else online. Isn't it time you take care of your teeth not just right now, but for the rest of your life? Our kit is your solution!
GENTLE, NO-PAIN, STINK-FREE FORMULA -It's time to get ALL the benefits of an advanced whitening transformation without the cost, the pain, or the unpleasant smell! See How To Video at


"The Advanta Supplements teeth whitening kit will whiten your teeth faster and brighter than any other teeth whitening solution available today. You can achieve the same professional teeth whitening results in your own home that a dentist can provide – but at a fraction of the cost!

This best teeth whitening kit includes:
  • 1 – Teeth Whitening Light – that reduces teeth whitening time by 25%
  • 2 – 10cc Syringes of 35% Carbamide Peroxide
  • 1 – Dental Tray (upper and lower)

And you get FREE, unlimited refills of our powerful whitening solution. Your teeth are as unique as you are. Teeth become discolored over time based on several factors that include family history, diet and smoking factors. Not even the best dentist can tell you exactly how long it will take to get your teeth as white as you would like them. With our teeth whitening solution with free refills you can be assured you will achieve the whiteness you are looking for – at one low price.

We stand behind the performance of our product and our guarantee is simple: If you can not whiten your teeth as white as you want them to be, and you don’t love your luminous new smile, we’ll refund your money (including shipping).

Take control of your smile and show the world your most confident self. You have nothing to lose, and a bright, healthy, glowing smile to gain. Order the Teeth Whitening Kit today!

Free Refills on Whitening Solution
Includes Teeth Whitening Light Which Reduces Whitening Time by 25%
Professional Whitening Results at Home"- Advanta Supplements

I received the Advanta Supplements Teeth Whitening Kit and I've been using it now for about 2 weeks and I've noticed a MAJOR difference in my teeth. I'm a big soda drinker and as you know with any dark drink such as coffee, soda, tea etc. you can get darkening of the teeth by drinking these liquids. I've noticed my teeth were horribly stained by drinking soda. I didn't brush my teeth in the photo I'm going to post below so it is quite nasty. My teeth are really discolored and yellow. I didn't realize how bad they were until I took the picture. I began using the trays I boiled them as the instructions say and I molded them to fit my teeth. I added the smallest amount of the solution to my trays then put them in for about 10-15 minutes. I'm quite sensitive to teeth whitener so I only left it in for about in between 10-15 minutes and I didn't really notice any sensitivity to my teeth however I did notice some sensitivity to my gums. So if you can make sure you do not get the solution on your gums. My gums turned pretty red although it did go away within a couple hours they were pretty sore. I began to learn how to apply the solution better so eventually that did not happen. I'm very pleased with the results I achieved and you will see the major difference in my picture. I would recommend this kit as it is great for the price.


Before & After

Giveaway over.

FTC: I received the Advanta Supplements Teeth Whitening kit by using Tomoson. I received it free in exchange for my honest opinion and review. 

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