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I received a pair of glasses from to review and glasses frames style I chose was the "Lena Oval" in the color: Purple. The frames are a beautiful deep purple on top with clear on the bottom. The side of the frame is the same deep purple as well along with a light purple accent color on the side. When I first ordered my glasses it took about a little less than a week and a half to get my glasses in the mailbox. I was so excited! I had just gone to the eye doctor the week previously and received a pair of glasses. Sure, my glasses I got from the eye doctor were okay, but when I received these glasses from I was really blown away! I couldn't believe the difference in the eye glasses I just paid a lot of money by my standards for compared to the glasses from GlassesShop for only $29.95. I received these of course for the review, but trust me when I say I'm buying a third pair for me to have on hand just in case something happens to this pair. I'M IN LOVE THESE GLASSES! Let's start off with how much better I can see out of these glasses. I can see so much better. The glasses I got from the eye doctor was a little fuzzy, but not to the point of where I couldn't see, but still you pay a lot for prescription glasses from the eye dr you expect them to be perfect. When I gave the prescription to GlassesShop I thought .. "I hope they aren't fuzzy like the ones from my eye doctor." but, when I received these.. no they weren't! In fact they were clearer! When I got my glasses at the eye doctor I did not receive scratch resistant glasses, but with GlassesShop I had the option to and I did and the cost isn't that much at all. I paid way more for my prescription glasses from the eye doctor for glasses with no coating, fuzzy, and they honestly weren't as high of quality as GlassesShop. I will post pictures below of my glasses from the eye doctor vs. the glasses from In my opinion these glasses from GlassesShop are such good quality. They aren't loose like the pair from my eye Dr. The GlassesShop has many different types of PRESCRIPTION GLASSES/or PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES in many different varieties and colors. I don't know about you, but my eye doctor was limited with their glasses where I live and I didn't even get a eyeglasses case with my glasses? I mean what! Even gives you a case and a wipe to keep your glasses clean. I even like the style of the case I got which was clear and it snaps tightly so that your glasses won't open up in your purse. Of course that would never happen to me because I'm blind as a bat without my glasses. Without my glasses I cannot see anyone or anything hardly. I can only see shapes and figures. Believe me when I tell you that your eyes are important. It's important to get your eyes checked by a doctor and it's important to keep your vision in check. One thing you do not have to do is spend hundreds of dollars on glasses that are just as good at GlassesShop. I know I've mentioned them a dozen times, but I cannot believe I've found a company like this. They are super nice. They take care of any questions you have and they gave me the best pair of glasses I've had in a long while. I mean my prescription was on point! 

Here is pictures of my Dr's prescription glasses on the left I bought while my new pair from GlassesShop is on the right.

One thing I can notice off the bat is my Dr's prescription glasses on the left one thing you can clearly see with flash is the glare. This glare I see in the sun very badly which makes it hard for me to see in the sun or if any light shines in my eyes and forget taking pictures..glare central. I even seen a glare from my computer while trying to type while the glasses from GlassesShop has almost zero glare to them. I can finally see without being blinded by the sun, any other light, or take pictures without major glaring.

Here is what my glasses look like on

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FTC: I was sent a pair of glasses from for my honest opinion and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I always give my viewers the honest truth about products and pros and cons because I want to be told the truth.

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