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Squishies Shown: Kiibru Marshmallow Puppy, Summer Strawberries Squishy Basket, Kiibru Jumbo Strawberry Ice Cream Squishy, Colossal Citrus Fruit Squishy, Japanese Daifuku Stretchy Squishy Charm, iBloom Peach Squishy, Cafe De N Chocolate Dipped Banana Squishy, and Squishy Fun Jumbo Strawberry Cake Squishy.

I received a large package from "World of Squishies" and I have to say I was blown away. They had super fast shipping. As explained on their website they have next day shipping so that's probably why it came so fast duh. I began opening up the package and looking inside to see squishies galore. I only opened up a few to try them out as I had NEVER squished a squishy before. I fell in love! I can truly see why everyone is so infatuated with them. I'm definitely a squishy lover now and I have a list of squishies I want next. World of Squishies are some of the kindest people I have ever spoken to. They helped me with any questions I had and plus they have some AMAZING prices on squishies. Some of the cheapest prices I've found is on World of Squishies. I've seen some websites charge obscene prices just for the dollar. I think World of Squishies just wants their customers to have fun! A lot of their squishies they carry they do their own designs on. The artistry that goes into these squishies that World of Squishies does I'm amazed by. As someone who is an artist myself I truly appreciate the time and effort they put into each squishy they make and design. The have a ginormous selection on their website. Their squishies are flying off the shelves as I type. Everyone is finding out about World of Squishies and they want in on their great prices and the friendly business they show. I'm definitely ordering from them again and I have a huge list of squishies I now want because of trying out these squishies. I have a lot of stress due to having CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) and you don't know how much joy World of Squishies has given me. I smiled and giggled at these squishies while looking at them and squishing them. My whole family is now mesmerized with squishies. I've converted them to the SQUISHY NATION! Honestly though, I don't think I could recommend a better place to get squishies. Please check them out and give them a try!

This Kiibru Marshmallow Squishy is really sweet smelling and come in incredibly cute packaging. This is by far one of my favorite squishies. When I first opened it I could smell such a beautiful scent. It reminded me of peaches. This squishy is so incredibly super slow rising which is surprising considering it being so a little on the flatter side on its back. It's so, so soft. It's so cute and with squeezing and smelling the beautiful scent of peaches or at least that's what I'm picking up... It's amazing! 

I've heard so much hype around this cake squishy and I knew I wanted to try it out and when I did all I can say is "OH MY GOSH!". I understand the hype. This squishy is super slow rising and soft. I love squishing each of the whipped cream and strawberries on top. It's very realistic when you're looking at it and the packaging is so stinking cute. It looks as if you've bought a real cake. Actually, looking at it right now I'm craving a cake lol. The scent on this squishy is just a sweet scent. The only way I can describe it is as sugary candy. 


I received the iBloom Peach in Pearl Yellow. It's so beautiful in it's packaging. I had a slight hesitation not to take it out of the packaging, but that went away soon. I opened the package and adored the peach in it's netting. It looked so realistic. It smells like peaches! It's super slow rising and the pearl yellow color is so beautiful. You may not see it in the picture, but the peach is a lot lighter on top with a beautiful pink on the bottom. The whole peach shimmered with beauty. It's one of the more fun squishies to squish. Like the Squishy Fun Jumbo Strawberry Cake it's dense so you can give it a good squeeze and leave pretty finger prints I know that all of us squishy lovers love.

I was so excited to open up this Kiibru Super Jumbo Pink Ice Cream Squishy! It looks so much like a real ice cream cone. I kind of wish it was because it looks delicious. The details in these squishies have blown me away. This squishy is super slow rising and it's a little textured, but soft textured. I actually love it! It's one of my favorites to squish because there are so many ways you can squish this squishy. The scent I kind of got from this squishy was to compare like strawberry or blueberry muffins. I smelt more blueberry which is odd because you'd think strawberry, but no it smells like freshly baked blueberry muffins. It smells so good! Thinking back on the details this squishy has little tiny chunks on top that look like actual ice as if the ice cream had just been scooped and it left some ice on top. It looks so realistic. 

This squishy is probably my favorite out of the bunch. It was one of the ones I took out immediately to try out. I want to point out in the video that I said that the tears may have been a manufacturers defect, but I have to say that now I don't think it is. I probably have squished it too much and too rough and it probably tore. I love how dense this squishy is and super slow rising. You can just grab it in the palm of your hands and squish away. You can feel the stress leaving the body. I believe this is one of the reasons why squishies became a thing because of stress and because I mean look at the packaging and details some of these squishies have. Who wouldn't want a squishy? The Colossal Citrus Fruit squishy did not have a scent, but the fact that it's so fun to play with I can over look. The details on the rind is even amazing. It has the dimples of a real lime. It's very soft and I have to say if you're going to pick up one for stress relief and fun.. pick up this one, but be aware don't squish it too hard like I did.

The Summer Strawberries Squishy Basket comes with three strawberry squishies. One large sized strawberry squishy, one medium strawberry squishy, and one small strawberry squishy. You'll receive the Strawberry Squishy Charm, Jumbo Spotted Strawberry Squishy, and the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Squishy. All of these squishies are very fun to play with. The Jumbo Spotted Strawberry Squishy I would just say is slow rising. It has a nice density to it and has a light sweet scent. It's beautiful with it's spots, texture, and the leaves are just so detailed. The Jumbo Spotted Strawberry Squishy has a faint sweet candy scent. The Strawberry Squishy Charm does not have a scent, but it is just as fun to squish as the Jumbo Spotted Strawberry. It's slow rising just like the Jumbo Spotted Strawberry Squishy as well. It has a charm on it so you could put it on your purse or backpack. The next strawberry is my favorite strawberry squishy because it's the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry. It's just squishy in my opinion, but the detail of the dipped chocolate with sprinkles just blows me away. It looks so real y'all! It also has a charm on it to clip it on to where you want. I put mine on my backpack purse with the Chocolate Dipped Banana by Cafe De N. They both look so cute together and I find when I'm at my Dr.'s appointments and in line at the grocery store I'm constantly squishing these. They're so much fun to have close by when you're out like that and bored.

This squishy really blew me away. Most smaller squishies are just squishy with the lack of a slow rise, but not this squishy. This squishy is definitely slow rising. It has a charm so I clipped it onto my backpack purse along with my chocolate dipped strawberry. Now, I find myself in line at the grocery stores and at my Dr.'s appointments just squishing away. I'm a big fidgeter so having these squishies has really helped me out. I mean this squishy is so detailed and beautiful. The banana imprints look just like a banana. The way it's sliced and the way the chocolate is dipped with sprinkles. It looks real. I've had several people as if they can squish it. This is one of the charms I definitely would recommend getting. It does not have a scent, but look at it... would you care? I don't. It's too much fun to squish and play with!

This squishy charm is so much fun to play with. It's a totally different texture and feel than a normal squishy. This is a mochi squishy if that gives you an idea. It's very stretchy and you can just squish it in your hands and it gives such an amazing feel. I love it! It's an odd looking squishy, but nevertheless it's very fun to play with. I would definitely love to try out more of these mochi squishies. Soon my backpack/purse will be over run with squishies! Haha!

These squishies are one of the most inexpensive squishies at least on World Of Squishies they are. This Candy Colors Bunny Squishy Charm my Mom fell in love with. She had never heard of squishies either until I told her about them. This squishy is now at home on her keychain and she squeezes it all the time. This squishy is just squishy and has a nice bounce to it. It's not slow rising by any means, but it's cute and fun to play with. You know sometimes I love the super slow rising or slow rising squishies, but sometimes I like the just "SQUISHY" squishies. This charm is so cute with the bunny with it's cute yellow eyes and it's mouth as an X. I think I'm going to order more of these in a different colors and give them to my family so they can join in on the squishy train as well. 


FTC: I received a package from World of Squishies to test out and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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