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The Perfect Mother's Day Gift! Luxe by Mr. Bubble Guilt Free Butter Bath Melts

LUXE by Mr. Bubble 
Guilt Free Butter Bath Melts

Luxe by Mr. Bubble: New Pampering "Candy Bar" With Zero Guilt or Calories

Mr. Bubble is back at it again - bringing luxury to the bath in a fun, innovative new form. This Spring, women everywhere will delight in the latest introduction to the increasingly popular Luxe line: The NEW Guilt-Free Cocoa Butter Bar. 

Joining the unique, retro-inspired line-up of bath & body products that includes Bubbletini Bath Bombs and Powdered Bubble Bath, this latest bath bar offers guilt-free pampering at its finest. The indulgent pick-me-up is an ultra-moisturizing bath melt uniquely shaped like a candy bar that breaks into perforated squares - enough for five luxurious baths. Enriched with nourishing Cocoa and Shea Butter, the decadent bath treat slowly melts around you, leaving your mind relaxed and your skin irresistibly soft and without any of the calories!

The new Guilt-Free Cocoa Butter Bars are colored to match the three distinctive Luxe scents: Original Mr. Bubble, Sweet & Clean, and Sparkling Sorbet. At $6.00 a bar, you can afford to get Mom all three. 

The new Luxe Guilt Fere Cocoa Butter Bar is available at Ulta Beauty stores and starting March 5th. 

What Luxe by Mr. Bubble Guilt-Free Butter Bath Melts look like unwrapped! 
Doesn't it look like actual chocolate?

I received Luxe by Mr. Bubble's Guilt-Free Butter Bath Melts to test out in the scents Original Mr. Bubble and Sweet & Clean. I've used Mr. Bubble since I was a kid and seeing that they had this new line out. The Luxe by Mr. Bubble line...I had to try it. In our busy lives bath time should be more of a time you can sit back and relax. We're often busy in our lives where we just hop in and out of the shower and we're out the door. Where is the relaxation in that? There is none. There is just rushing & tenseness through-out the day.We all need to take a little "me" time. I first tried out the Original Mr. Bubble scent of the bath melt and it brought back so many fond memories. Although, the scent is not as strong as the Original Mr. Bubble "Bubble" Bath it's still got a great scent that's lets you sit back and reminisce about the times that you were a child. The second scent I tried was the Mr. Bubble Sweet & Clean and it has more of a fresh scent to it. This scent is my favorite of the two although I love the original scent.. the Sweet & Clean just allowed me to completely unwind and relax in the tub. It says on the package that you can break off 4 pieces for each bath which equals up to 5 baths! Of course it also implies you can use more if you wish to add more moisturization. I just added the 4 cubes as stated and it left oil all through-out the tub as well as on the surface of the tub. It's not the type of oil that leaves a residue on your skin either afterward. It just leaves your skin nice and moisturized. I really loved this product so much I went out and bought my Mom a couple to use in the bath and she loves it. That is why I'm recommending the Luxe by Mr. Bubble line for Mother's Day! You don't just have to get the Luxe by Mr. Bubble Guilt-Free Butter Bath Melts.. they have a whole line of products you can choose from. You could get one of each and put them in a gift basket just for Mom. 

Check out the pictures I took while using Luxe by Mr Bubble Guilt Free Butter Bath Melts! Ps. I don't know why my bath tub is showing up as tan.. my bath tub is white .. it must be the camera, but here is the 4 pieces I broke off and watch how it slowly melts into the water. 

I found it easies while using these to break off the 4 pieces into one piece and let it run under the water so it completely melts as to breaking it off in pieces you'll likely get pieces that will float on top of the water that take a lot longer to melt. 

You can see a tad bit of bubbles forming although these bath melts are not like bubble bars which create a lot of bubbles..these produce a tiny amount while dissolving in your hand. I do wish there were a lot of bubbles, but I understand that this may not be possible with the formula they've created since it's so moisturizing.  

You can feel the moisturization flowing through-out the bath and as you can see in the photos you can see a light layer of oil on top of the bath tub which leaves the bath a milky color. I felt so much moisturization in the 4 pieces as directed, but I did try out adding more and it just made the bath a very white-ish color because of the oil distribution. Id say if your skin is very dry you could add the extra pieces if necessary. My skin on my chemotherapy pills can sometimes make my skin very dry which is why I tried out the extra pieces. I'll just say that it does leave your skin so glowy! I loved it!

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FTC: I received some of the Luxe By Mr Bubble line in return for my honest opinion and review. 

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