Friday, April 13, 2012

Want Christian Louboutin's, but you just can't commit to that huge price-tag?

Dress Your Soles!

 Have you ever stalked shoes online wanting those designer brands that maybe you can't afford. I know I have! I recently came across a website that I thought came up with a great idea. It's called ArchTags. They have a variety of designs that you can stick on the bottom of your heels. Turn your boring shoes into a designer look-a-like. If that's not what your going for they have so many designs that can adapt to your style!

ArchTags style in 'Bling'.

How cute are they? Talk about taking your boring shoes and making POP!

You can even submit your own art ideas and they could possibly pick yours to place on their website. How cool is that? Someone walking around with your art on their shoes!
ArchTags Design in 'Lace'.

Now you can have the look of Christian Louboutin without spending a fortune as ArchTags will run you about $13.99-$21.99 I believe. 

Treat your shoes - Treat yourself! 

I am not affiliated with this company nor did they send me anything. I just thought the idea was cute & unique! 

*Update* My Blog got featured on their promo video!


  1. These shoes are too cute!

    Daisy @

  2. I know! I'm thinking about ordering a pair for my worn out old heels :)

  3. Yeah I would of hated to have to sweep after someone who had glitter falling off their shoes lol.., but I think the one's with the bling are cool.. I like sparkle!

  4. That is SO friggin' cool! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing! <3