Thursday, May 17, 2012

WOW Gift Boxes! Review

WOW Gift Boxes!

"Create Moments Of WOW!"

For every 10 boxes WOW Gift Boxes sells - They donate 1 to Gift of Good. 

What WOW Gift Boxes Say...

No same-old-gifts with these! We package our gifts in eye-popping, neat, and "surprised-filled" boxes to change the pace. You will never see us offering boring, unchanged, uniform gifts - only fun, new, different, and astounding! 

We Guarantee our gifts in an UNHEARD of way. If you are not completely WOWed by us; we will give you a full refund, and let you keep the gift. NO FRILLS!

Real reviews from real people. Don't guess about the gift you want to buy - See real written reviews and VIDEO reviews of our past clients who have taken time out of their schedule to show us some love.

We want to make the world a better place. By purchasing a Gift Box from us; you are actually helping to support the positive assistance to thousands in need across the world. Learn more about Gift of Good.

"9 Gift of Good Boxes going to Salvation Army in Dallas, Texas"

Our Products. We only use the finest products in our boxes. Products used by WOW Gift Boxes are frequently featured in these fine publications: The Gourmet Retailer. 


My impression of WOW Gift Boxes: I think they are a wonderful and loving company. They are really unique in as far as what they offer is a big surprise, but in a good way as you will hardly ever see these types of products that come in their boxes. I really love that they give boxes to help Gift of Good not many companies today are active in helping others and I'm glad I got to take part in reviewing this box and learning more about this company and getting the word about about this company to help others as well.

 I got my box super fast. 

The packaging was beautiful!

The WOW basket I got to try was "The Smoothest Soda & Sweetest Treats Loaded Gift Box"

It came with a lot of Dr. Pepper 'LOVE'. My family and I adore Dr. Pepper and they have more of the sweet teeth so you can guess what happened to all of the sweets when I got this box. Poof! Gone. 

They loved the Mrs. Fields M&M cookies: They said they tasted like cookies that were freshly home-made. 

Last night we ate the Claey's chocolate fudge which was rich and delicious! I love those little squares of chocolate. I rarely eat sweets, but when I get a craving these really hit the spot!

The Dr. Pepper JellyBeans were too cute & those were also a hit.

The Cherry Chocolate Topping we used on ice-cream and it was almost like a what a float would taste like - pretty darn good!

The Caramel Corn is and will always be a favorite of mine - it reminded me of Christmas because they put out those tubs of three types of popcorn in those tins. It was so nice to see these in the mix! 

The BBQ sauce we have yet to try out, but we did taste it to see what it tasted like and it's like a kicking sweet and tangy BBQ sauce which is what I like! Throw some pork chops in the oven with some of that sauce - you talking about good! You can tell the country is coming out of me in that sentence. 

The soda in which came with: Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper 10 BOLD, and Dr. Pepper Cherry. I'm more of the Dr. Pepper lover in the family so I picked through most of the soda and my favorite was the Dr. Pepper Cherry and Diet. Dr Pepper. All of the rest my family finished off as they love the regular Dr. Pepper.. I'm more of the Diet & Cherry flavored lover!

This product was sent to me on behalf of Wowgiftboxes as apart of a review. 


  1. i'm so jealous! i really wanted the Dr. Pepper box, but have been diligently trying to make healthier choices. and it's a wonderful feeling to see WOW doing such great things in the community.

  2. Aww, yeah I'm on the health kick as well, but I don't deny myself soda every now and then I have a cheat day. I've lost 60lbs. so far! I know I love the company they are so kind I love seeing them do things for charities.