Sunday, June 24, 2012

Axe Anarchy for Him Review

AXE Anarchy For Him

As you can see Axe's New Anarchy comes in both Men & now Women's Sprays!

I usually always try and pick out cologne for my husband because he always asks me if he smells good anyway and I like a particular smell on him. The Axe Anarchy line is actually the types of scents I always pick up for him which was odd that they sent me these because Id seen the commercials - so had he, but it was great to get a product that he really liked and loves to use. Both deodorants are 24H sticks which he loves because works all day long in the hot sun and likes a long lasting deodorant and they both smell the same to us - one is DRY the other is Fresh/Glide on type of deodorant. The body washes he really likes because he can use them on both his 'body & hair' he's a simple man so he likes to use very little product unless him & I are having a date night. He's a mechanic so when he comes in he usually likes to take a shower and the shower gels are great. He never knows what to buy when it comes to shower gels - he usually uses just dial soap, but now he likes these so he'll be picking these up from now on. 

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