Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BuyNowOrNever Houdinie Bracelet Review

BuyNowOrNever 'Houdinie' Bracelet

I'm sure many of you have been to a store where you've seen an outfit or a piece of jewelry and thought? 'Oh my gosh, no way am I paying that price!' Now you don't have to. 'What you say?' Yes, you can go to BuyNowOrNever is a discount online store to where you can find anything ranging from jewelry, handbags, and even goodies for your home!

They list the prices of retail so you'll see how much you save! 

For instance my bracelet retails for $69.00! 

How much is it on BuyNowOrNever? $38.00! 

That is 45% SAVINGS!

About the Houdinie Bracelet

"This Houdinie bracelet didn’t get its name by accident! This is the one and only interchangeable chain bracelet on the market. You can change your mind, change your style, and change your look easily with this stylish interchangeable bracelet. Each bracelet has a hook at each end so you can add or remove as you want to create a look that suits your day or evening. This particular design features copper mixed with crystals of hyacinth, opal and olivine. You can wear just the copper and hyacinth or wear it just as it is. You can do just chains or just crystals. The possibilities go on and on. This multi functional bracelet comes with a nice brown gift bag as well as a hook for hanging when storing. Get hooked on Houdinie!"

My Impression: This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous! The fact that I can change it around lets it go with any outfit I have. The chains are well made. It's very thick and sturdy. The links are well made. crystals are cute and shiny. I've gotten so many compliments on it already asking where I got it at. It comes in two colors - in the color pictured above 'copper' and another in 'gunmetel' which has been the rage this fashion season. Metallic's are still running hot even in the FALL and I'll bet through the winter!

You need more of a reason to shop at NowOrNever? 

If you are like me you love handbags .. let me rephrase that - You are ADDICTED to handbags!

Right now I'm loving this Fossil Maddox Small Satchel - It looks unique and different which is what I like. 

It retails for $168.00

It's $114.00 at BuyNowOrNever which is 32% Savings!

They have brands like BCBG, Lucky, Dooney and Bourke, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Micheal Kors, and more!

BuyNowOrNever is constantly updating their website with new products - and the reason behind BuyNowOrNever is because the deals only last for so long and then when they are sold out they are gone! So if you are hunting for a bargain - it might be a website to check into!



*This bracelet was provided by BuyNowOrNever for review. My thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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