Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Soda Sparkle Review + Giveaway

Soda Sparkle Review + Giveaway!


  • Designed to directly carbonate pre-chilled water using a Soda Sparkle brand disposable 8gr CO2 Soda Charger.

  • Unique, patented Sparkling Nozzle Cap automatically maintains optimal residual pressure in the bottle after carbonation to keep the contents from going flat.

  • Saves valuable countertop space and the Charger Activating Body with the Sparkling Nozzle Cap can be inverted to stand freely on the counter when separated from the bottle.

  • No electric power or batteries needed.

  • 1.3L Bottle for Light Sparkle.

  • 1L Bottle for Extra Sparkle.

  • Soda Sparkle Chargers are non refillable, however, they are 100% recyclable and never expire. 

The Starter Kit comes with everything shown in picture above: Reusable 1.3L bottle, Reusable 1L bottle, 5 PCS Soda Chargers CO2, 15 Assorted Natural Flavor sticks in 3xApple, 3xLychee, 3xCola-Lemon, 3xPinapple,3xTonic and Two lids to hold carbonation, Charging Activating Body with Auto-Closing Safety Window, and Sparkling Nozzle Cap with safety Relief Valve.

How does it work?

First you choose which type of sparkle you'd like whether it be 'Extra Sparkle' or 'Light Sparkle' - The Extra Sparkle adds more of a carbonated taste and the Light Sparkle is a less carbonated taste - so whichever your preference choose - Then you have a line about a 3rd of the way down the bottle in which you will want to pour chilled water just before the line because when you place the Sparkling Nozzle with Cap it will put it up to the line. Next you'll want to add your little CO2 Soda Charger in the little window of the Charging Activating Body.. twist onto the closer until you hear it puncture the CO2 cartridge - you will hear a buzzing sound which is normal then wait 30 seconds lightly unscrew the top place the protective lid on the top give it a shake and put whatever flavor you want. 

I chose the Extra Sparkle because I love a lot of carbonation and used the flavor 'Apple' which is really good. It reminded me of a candy sucker I used to eat when I was younger. It's very tart and almost sweetly sour. Of course Soda Sparkle has a variety of flavor packets, but I've really enjoyed this simple system. It's easily stored away under the counter and the bottles are easily cleaned. It's also very fun to make your own Sparkling Soda with your family - anything to make those memories! It's very natural and fresh tasting. It's much more healthier and affordable for you to use. 

One lucky reader will win a Soda Sparkle Starter Kit of their own!


FTC: This product was sent to me in consideration for my review and honest opinion. 


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  2. I would like to try energy or Cola.Thanks for the giveaway!