Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Virtual Love Locks for American Heart Association by MasterLock! + Giveaway!

I'm not sure a lot of you are aware, but MasterLock is doing a giveaway where you can win a trip to Paris! Not only that, but you can join their website to send a virtual lock to your loved ones - For every lock sent MasterLock is donating $1.00 for every lock sent to the American Heart Association. Why is this important to me?

I was diagnosed with SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia) when I was 4 years old. It's a condition where your heart rate is super fast! I was on medication for it until age 16 when I went and had an SVT ablation where they go in and burn the wires in your heart because what caused mine was that I had extra wiring in my heart that caused it to beat irregularly. Unfortunately, I developed 'Sick Sinus Syndrome' from the ablation as well as contracted a virus in my heart which lead me to get 'Heart Block' so I have a cardiac pacemaker - I at 19 was told on the table id have to have a pacemaker the day I went in for just a heart cath. That was not the news I wanted to hear and I was very scared, but I came through it okay. 

However my success wasn't complete because my Father when I was 4 years old as well was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy with an ejection fracture of 14% He was only given a year to live. Thanks to God, Doctors, and Prayers he's still with me today, but still on a lot of medication. His ejection fracture had went up a lot of doctors didn't know why? When he told his Dr. that he believed God had helped him through it his doctor said that was the only explanation he believed as well which is rare to hear a doctor say. My father win in last year to get a Cath and his heart is still not perfect and I still worry about him because he's like me when he tries to stay in shape he goes at everything full force without stopping! 

The American Heart Association is near and dear to my heart - the fact that MasterLock is donating $10,000 to begin with and then a $1.00 for every virtual lock sent really touches my heart as 'punny' as that sounds! 

Now for the bits about MasterLock
More about Lock Up Love Giveaway 
Master Lock is the world's largest manufacturer of padlocks and related security products providing innovative security solutions for home, automotive, campus, power sports, bike and storage security needs for consumers and industry alike. Master Lock Company LLC is an operating unit of Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc., a leading consumer brands company. Headquartered in Deerfield, Ill., Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. (NYSE: FBHS) is included in the S&P MidCap 400 Index. For more information about Master Lock, see www.masterlock.com

Lock Up Love & Getaway Sweepstakes encourages visitors to the site to create, send and have their recipients accept a virtual love lock, and thus, become eligible to enter the sweepstakes while simultaneously benefiting a worthy cause. In 2012, MasterLock donated more than $10,000 to the American Heart Association and is stepping up to the plate again this year. In addition to another $10,000 base donation, MasterLock will donate a dollar for each completed and shared love lock on the site through the month of February, up to an additional $5,000. Besides the month of love, February is also American Heart Month, a time dedicated to bring awareness to heart health and building healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease.

Visitors to MasterLoveLock.com can lock up their love virtually and enter tow in the Lock Up Love & Getaway Sweepstakes, which includes flihgts, hotel accommodations and spending money for two guests. 

While in Paris, the couple will have the opportunity to witness the love locks tradition in person at the Pont de l' Archeveche. For decades sweethearts have participated in this romantic custom around the world by affixing padlocks to fences, gates, bridges, and throwing away the key, to symbolize their everlasting love.

To enter, visitors select a lock and one of seven famous bridges to virtually affix the chosen lock. 

Next they upload a. personal message for their loved one.

That message will be sent via email.

The invitation is accepted, the love lock sender will receive confirmation and a link to the sweepstakes entry form. 
Consumers will be permitted one entry per accepted, customized love lock (limit two entries per valid email address).

Consumers who participate in the sweepstakes will also have the opportunity to win additional prizes, including a $1,000 Visa Gift Card; Valentine's Day themed gift packs filled with flower arrangements, luxury candles, chocolates, romantic DVDs, The Master Lock 1509DLOV Love Lock and more!

To send a virtual love lock and enter the Lock Up Love & Getaway Sweepstakes, visit www.MasterLoveLock.com or
www.Facebook.com/MasterLock, and be sure the recipient accepts the lock via email. 

Master Locks is letting me giveaway one of my viewers a Master Lock 1509DLOV 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FTC: I was not sponsored for this post - Master Lock offered a giveaway to my viewers and asked for me to write for the attempts to reach out and raise awareness on heart disease. 


  1. Sadly my mother passed away from a heart condition a few years ago.

  2. Yes, my mom does. She's fine but she has to watch what she eats/does.

  3. yes oct 21st made 1 yr ago husband had heart attack.
    on Jan 17 he had heart surgery
    on jan 19 they put in a pacemaker/defibbulator
    his heart only works at 25% but that better then the -12 it WAS working at.
    Dr says he has a junk heart but a cadilac defibbulator lol!

  4. My husband has heart problems he has cardiomyopathy - Tinnie McCleese