Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mommy/Delivery BFFLBAG Review + Giveaway!

Mommy/Delivery BFFLBAG Review + Giveaway!

About the Mommy/Delivery Bag

The Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag is the ultimate hospital bag, providing comfort, convenience and caring for women preparing for childbirth.  It is beautifully styled and chock full of all the essentials for C-section or traditional birth.  It’s made of lightweight, stain resistant pack cloth, has metal feet to keep the bag off the hospital floor, and is roomy enough room for clothing and other essential personal items. It contains: our specially designed axillapilla pillow for recovery and nursing support; a collapsible water bottle; perineal ice packs; soft, washable nursing pads; wound/incision care pack, toiletries, amusements, KIND healthy snack bars, and much more.

Each bag is accompanied by a handwritten note card.

15% of the net profit from your purchase will be donated to the Harvard School of Public Health Women's and Health Initiative.

My Impression: I was able to work with BFFLBAG in introducing their Mommy/Delivery bag and I was thrilled having so many of my friends that are expecting their first child I thought this would be a perfect choice to review on my blog. Also, to score a giveaway for you readers is a plus! Everyone, knows if you are already a Mommy or a new Mom there is a large amount of stress and worry that comes along with being prepared for your hospital stay. With BFFLBAG you can put a lot of your worries aside as the bag comes with a lot of your essentials and more with enough room to add your own items. The bag retails for $120 which may seem like a lot, but really you are getting quality that's worth more than that. As you can see in my video above I show you everything the at comes in the bag and I am blown away by the company and how they've captured a woman's needs. The company is very nice and the customer service is as well. This would make such a great buy for yourself or if you have a friend that might be expecting what a wonderful gift? All in all the BFFLBAG is a must for expecting Mothers. 

REMEMBER: When I ask for extra info on the Giveaway please make sure that you add your username if I ask for it or email - ect. If you leave it void I cancel out your entry. Bfflco is responsible for sending out the prize package. 

FTC: I received this bag in consideration for my review and honest opinion.


  1. I really like junior and What to Expect When You're Expecting

  2. She's having a baby!

    Charice A.

  3. Nine Months is my favorite, but I'm about to watch What to Expect When You're Expecting!

  4. I can't actually say that I've really sen a movie about pregnancy? I do however love this documentary on natural and at home births with Ricki Lake called "My best birth"

  5. I'd have to Look Who's Talking,so cute!My daughter's bff is having twins so this is something she needs.She'll have 4 kids under 4,scary! LOL!
    Thank you for the cool giveaway! You have a great day :)

  6. What a great idea for a first time mommy!

  7. Either 9 Months or What To Expect. I loved both movies :-) Also, although its not about pregnancy per se, the movie The Women, had an amazing birth scene that I love! Haha

  8. I can't help it, Sort of dirty movie, But it is so funny. Knocked Up! Deanna Adkins

  9. The only pregnancy movie that I can think of is Look Who's Talking which I seen many many years ago!! I loved watching A Baby Story on TLC or Discovery Health Channel!!


  10. I thought Knocked Up was a hoot...