Thursday, October 10, 2013

Terro Fruit Fly Trap Review and Giveaway!

Terro Fruit Fly Trap Review and Giveaway

TERRO® is an industry leader in ant and pest control and has been a trusted brand for more than 90 years. Based in Lititz, PA, the company offers proven ant and pest control products including liquid ant baits, aerosol sprays, perimeter granules and ant dust products. TERRO products are widely distributed at all leading hardware, home center, mass merchant, food and drug, farm and fleet, and independent garden center retailers nationwide. For more information on TERRO products, call 1-800-800-1819 or visit, or

LITITZ, PA—Aug. 14, 2013—The fruit fly, one of the smallest flies found in homes, is also one of the most annoying.  A familiar problem for most homeowners, fruit flies are commonly spotted swarming around kitchen fruit bowls and near garbage storage areas.  TERRO®,  an industry leader in DIY pest control products, is making it easy to get rid of these pests with their fast-acting, ready-to-use Fruit Fly Trap. The non-toxic trap not only eliminates fruit flies, the apple-shaped trap looks right at home in any kitchen. 

“TERRO Fruit Fly Traps are designed to lure adult fruit flies, using a special non-toxic food-based liquid lure,” says Stew Clark, TERRO Director of Research. “Flies that enter the trap can't escape to continue breeding and multiplying.”   

Terro Fruit Fly Trap -in use 72Fruit fly populations tend to be greatest in late summer and early fall as they infest fruits during the harvest season.  According to Clark, “The key to successful elimination of fruit flies is to locate their breeding source and place the TERRO Fruit Fly trap nearby.   Look for fruit fly sources in areas where unrefrigerated fruits and vegetables are stored, near garbage cans and recycling bins.” 

All stages of a fruit fly infestation depend on moist organic debris to complete the fruit fly life cycle. The non-toxic acetic acid found in the TERRO Fruit Fly Trap lures the flies to the traps and eliminates the infestation.  “Within a few days of placing the trap near a breeding source, you will see a significant decrease in the number of fruit flies,” says Clark.  “And homeowners will also appreciate the ease-of-use and attractiveness of the trap itself.”

The traps retail for about $7.99 and are sold at leading retailers nationwide and at TERRO’s online store. For more information, visit or

My Impression: For some reason this Summer we had Fruit Flies something awful. They were so many outside that would come inside our home at least I guess that is what they were. We resorted to keeping our food it tubs, cleaning our counters constantly, and making sure no food was left out! Still we would see a couple stray fruit flies in the midst. So, when I was contacted to do a review on the Terro Fruit Fly Trap I was so excited to see if this thing would actually work. So, when I got it in I opened up the package took out the little apple shaped ball and poured in the 'luring' liquid to lure in the Fruit Flies. The first day - NOTHING! I sat there checking every so often to see if maybe a couple had gotten into the little apple of death, but nope - no fruit flies. It took at least a couple of days before we seen any results from the little apple and luring liquid. I have to say it did the job, but it takes some time to work. The luring liquid and the little apple shaped device isn't that large so if you have a HUGE fruit fly problem I'm not sure one would do the trick, but all in all I would recommend for those couple of annoying little buggers!



FTC: This product was sent to me for my honest opinion and review.


  1. We had fruit flies really bad this Summer. I couldn't figure out how to get rid of them so we tried a little bit of everything. I'm still seeing a few :(

  2. We've had gnats and flies pretty bad

  3. Luckily, we haven't ever had to deal with these, but I have friends back east that do.

  4. Q. Have you had any fruit flies this Summer/Fall?
    A. Yes! This is fruit fly country where I live.

  5. I have been and they are so annoying!

  6. Yes we have! Most aggravating little boogers ever.. I do not like fruit flies.

  7. Oh my gosh! I've had hundreds of them. My sister gets them too.She looked them up, and we found out they come in on our fruit we buy from the store or their eggs do then they hatch. Now we're washing all our fruit and drying it off. I hate them,they're so annoying. LOL!! Thank you :)

  8. Yelp, I have them. Deanna Adkins

  9. I have them horribly. Not sure why anymore. They just hang around on random stuff

  10. Yes, I had fruit flies this summer and fall! I love fruit and that means fruit flies. I never have too many, just 2 or 3 but that is enough to drive you nuts!

  11. Congrats to Amanda on winning the TERRO Fruit Fly Trap!